Why not hold a "Jewellery Party" for your next birthday. You can have it at home or if you belong to a club you can invite your friends there.

Spend 2 hours making an assortment of beautiful jewellery. You can design your own necklaces, earrings and bracelets from baskets full of lots of different beads in wood, plastic, metal, glass etc..

You will have a bead tray to lay out your beads in the shape of your neck after which you thread on and are then helped to attach the clasps. You carry on to make your earrings and bracelets.

At the end of the party you will be given a
beautiful party box
to put your sets in to take home.

We have run 100's of parties to date, a vast majority from recommendations.


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Party Details:
Venue: Your choice
Cost: HK$180 per child
Timing: Up to 2 hours
  7 days / wk
Bookings: Please contact murphyjulie74@gmail.com


Tel : 23581452 / 93369987                    email : murphyjulie74@gmail.com





email murphyjulie74@gmail.com or tel (852) 23581452